Parole Officer Solutions

Help is one phone call away.

Help for you, managing your workload, and help for your parolees that need structure and accountability. 

Rely on ESA to develop a system for managing your case load with the latest monitoring technologies. Put convenient reports right at your fingertips so you can get to the truth fast. Rely on the most reliable technologies so you can guide, counsel and make decisions with confidence. Implement advanced solutions that discourage tampering and provide the structure and accountability parolees often need to keep them on a path towards being a responsible citizen.

These sophisticated programs provide secure, timely information for you and the offender, reinforcing honesty and integrity. The latest solutions are also designed to be comfortable, reliable and less intrusive, so they have less impact on the user’s day-to-day life and ability to hold down a job and take care of essential tasks.

Whether you need a simple treatment/management system, or one for intense, highly accountable supervision, we have a solution that will work. Ask us about the full array of options, and how we can help you develop a system to streamline and improve overall parolee management.

Pre-sentencing investigations:

 In some cases, it can help a defendant to have their behavior monitored while on parole, waiting for trial. Monitoring can be used to prove no drugs or alcohol have been used during the pre-trial time period. 

Restraining Orders:

 GPS monitoring can be used to document the location, and travels, of a defendant in cases involving restraining orders.