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Put your clients in good hands with ESA. We are the Kansas City area’s leading provider of monitoring solutions as an alternative to incarceration. Our knowledgeable experts will take your clients by the hand, answer all their questions, and show them how the monitoring system chosen for them works, so they can move forward with confidence.

Whether your client has alcohol, drug or behavioral issues, we have solutions that can keep them out of jail, reinforce positive behavior, and start them on a path towards a better life.

New monitoring systems are now more reliable, comfortable and easier-to-use. They’re designed to reduce the collateral impact on the user’s family, job and day-to-day life, while providing structure and accountability that reinforces positive behavior and satisfies legal requirements.

Knowing about the latest monitoring solutions can also help you in court. New technologies are emerging constantly, and ESA is your key to staying on top of the options at your disposal. Our helpful staff will be glad to walk you through all the alternatives and explain how the products and processes work.


Pre-sentencing investigations: In some cases, it can help a defendant to have their behavior monitored while on parole, waiting for trial. Monitoring can be used to prove no drugs or alcohol have been used during the pre-trial time period.

Restraining Orders: GPS monitoring can be used to document the location, and travels, of a defendant in cases involving restraining orders.

Child Custody Cases: GPS monitoring can be used to gather evidence about the location, and travels, of someone involved in a child custody case.