1.5 million people are arrested for DUI/DWI offenses each year and approximately 33% of these have at least one previous conviction. These multiple offenders create unique challenges for agencies because alcohol-related crimes require effective supervision, education and treatment.

ESA gives you an additional alternative to sentencing without jail time. This intermediate action provides a tailored solution for effectively managing low-risk offenders to high-risk, multiple offenders. It expands the legal capacity to handle more people through the system without over-spending and over-crowding. ESA gives you, and the judiciary system, the option to require and enforce, offender sobriety. These programs require little to no public funding.

Pre-sentencing investigations:

 In some cases, it can help a defendant to have their behavior monitored while on parole, waiting for trial. Monitoring can be used to prove no drugs or alcohol have been used during the pre-trial time period. 

Restraining Orders:

 GPS monitoring can be used to document the location, and travels, of a defendant in cases involving restraining orders. 

Child Custody Cases:

 GPS monitoring can be used to gather evidence about the location, and travels, of someone involved in a child custody case.