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  • Judge John S. Kennedy Leaves Behind a Legacy in York County, PA January 22, 2018
    After serving 22 years on the bench, the Honorable John S. Kennedy has called it a career. Though he may have stepped down as Common Pleas Judge for Pennsylvania’s 19th Judicial District, he’s leaving behind a legacy—one of changed lives. Shortly after beginning his judicial career, Kennedy attended a conference on drug courts that would […]
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  • “Because Hangovers Suck” Speaks to Millennial Drinkers January 8, 2018
    Hangovers suck, as does waking up with regrets the morning after drinking. That’s the message a Michigan-based grassroots organization, Better Drinking Culture (BDC), is using in an attempt to promote healthier attitudes towards drinking. Jason Ley, CEO of Better Drinking Culture, claims that the common idioms “drink responsibly” and “don’t drink and drive” are not […]
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  • With Thanksgiving DUIs Up, What Does That Mean for the Rest of the Season? December 15, 2017
    If Thanksgiving is any indication, holiday DUI arrests can be expected to rise. Despite the repeated efforts of both law enforcement and private agencies to educate the public on the dangers and consequences of drunk driving, alcohol misuse during the holidays continues to trend upward. DUI arrests on the rise this Thanksgiving season Several states […]
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  • Will An Alcohol Tax Break Hurt Drunk Driving Efforts? December 8, 2017
    As Congress works to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the proposed tax changes, policy analysts predict one item likely to survive the discussion is a tax cut on beer, wine, and spirits. The Senate version of the tax bill lowers federal excise taxes on alcoholic beverages to varying degrees, including a 50% drop […]
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  • Drinking legally at 19? Wisconsin is considering it December 6, 2017
    Could lowering the legal drinking age reduce binge drinking among younger drinkers, particularly those in college? Three Wisconsin state legislators seem to think so. The proposed bill, sponsored by Republican representatives Adam Jarchow, Cindi Duchow, and Rob Swearingen would reduce the legal drinking age in Wisconsin to 19. By lowering the minimum age, Jarchow insists […]
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  • New Kentucky Program Seeks to Curb Repeat DUI Offenses November 21, 2017
    Since 2011, Jefferson County—home of Louisville, Kentucky’s largest city—has averaged 4,260 DUI charges annually. In 2016 alone, Jefferson District Court saw a total of 2,383 DUIs, of which, 22% were repeat offenses. This summer, the county implemented its Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Program (CAMP), which seeks to save lives and reduce recidivism among high-risk DUI offenders […]
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  • Responsible Beverage Service and Enforcement: Does it Reduce DUIs? November 15, 2017
    Can a simple education program for bartenders and alcohol servers reduce drunk driving? The results of a study published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) earlier this year suggest it can. The study examined whether responsible beverage service (RBS) training and enforcement might serve as an effective tool in decreasing rates of high-risk […]
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  • Infographic: Drinking and DUIs During the Holidays November 13, 2017
    The holidays are a season of traditions, many of which include family and friends, large meals, and fun parties. But there are some unwelcomed traditions that accompany this season as well—mainly binge drinking, drunk driving, and alcohol-related traffic deaths. It’s a sad fact that the holidays—Blackout Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve) to New Year’s Day—are the most […]
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  • 2016 Data: Drunk Driving Deaths Up for Second Year in a Row November 3, 2017
    Newly released data from the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that both overall traffic deaths and alcohol-involved traffic fatalities increased in 2016 over the previous year. It’s the first time in more than a decade that deaths on America’s roads have increased for two consecutive years. Nearly 2,000 more people were killed on […]
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  • Are Ridesharing Services Affecting Drunk Driving Crashes? October 26, 2017
    Research over the past few years suggests that the availability of ridesharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, may help reduce drunk driving incidents. With the use of these apps on the rise, it makes sense that drunk driving crashes would decrease, especially in metropolitan cities where this business is booming. While this theory may […]
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