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  • Funding Available for Programs Using Swift, Certain, and Fair Sanctions (SCF) February 24, 2015
    The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) has announced that funding is available for jurisdictions that want to implement or enhance a Swift, Certain, and Fair Sanctions (SCF) program model. The grants will support programs that aim to replicate the success of the Hawaii HOPE program, which focuses on swift and […]
  • NHTSA Studies Show Drugged Driving Increasing, But Drunk Driving More Dangerous February 19, 2015
    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released two new studies that highlight the changing landscape of impaired driving on America’s roadways. NHTSA’s most recent Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drug Use by Drivers shows a steady and significant decline in drunk driving—rates have dropped by nearly a third since 2007, and by more […]
    Alison Betts
  • Clubs in UK Breathalyze Patrons to Curb Alcohol-Related Violence February 18, 2015
    Londoners may need to do more than pay a cover charge to get into nightclubs. The London Metropolitan Police (the Met) is testing a new program to let club staff give breathalyzer tests to patrons before they can enter. If the person registers a “high” BrAC—approximately twice the U.K. legal driving limit—they are turned away […]
  • Defense Lawyer Offers Scholarship for Underage Drunk Driving February 9, 2015
    In an effort to help teens recognize the dangers of drunk driving, Colorado Springs defense attorney Christian Schwaner recently announced that he will award a $1,000 college scholarship for the best essay that recounts a teen’s experience of driving while intoxicated. Schwaner states the goal of his First Step Scholarship is to get teenagers to think […]
  • Do Personal Breathalyzers Prevent or Promote Drunk Driving? February 4, 2015
    Alcohol breath testing isn’t just for law enforcement anymore. One of the hottest tech items of 2014 was the personal breathalyzer. The small, handheld devices display the user’s breath alcohol concentration (BrAC), either on the item itself or by connecting to a smartphone app. In addition, some of the apps provide options to call a cab, […]
    Alison Betts
  • Fans Can Tackle Drunk Driving on Super Bowl Sunday January 30, 2015
    In 2014, nearly half of all American households watched the Super Bowl. This Sunday’s big game is expected to draw a similar number of viewers, and as friends and family gather to watch, alcohol will be a staple of many celebrations. Police around the country report that drunk driving arrests and alcohol-involved crashes spike on Super Bowl […]
  • Study: Binge Drinking Affects Young Adults’ Immune Systems January 26, 2015
    Think the worst thing you’ll get from a night of hard drinking is a hangover? Think again. New research published in the scientific journal Alcohol indicates that binge drinking negatively impacts the immune system of young adults for hours after the last sip. Researchers determined that while the body’s immune system ramps up when people […]
  • U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Revisit Warrantless Blood Draws for DUIs January 21, 2015
    The Supreme Court has turned down a request from prosecutors in Colorado to reconsider the use of warrantless blood draws as evidence in drunk driving cases. The prosecutors’ request stemmed from the case of Jack Schaufele. While Schaufele lay unconscious in a Colorado hospital following a car crash, a police officer had the medical staff take […]
    Alison Betts
  • Impaired Driving Remains a Top Priority for NTSB January 15, 2015
    Each year, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) releases its “Most Wanted List” with 10 critical transportation safety improvements needed to reduce transportation accidents and save lives. The goal of the list is to increase awareness of these serious safety issues and promote viable solutions to address them. Once again, NTSB’s “Most Wanted List” includes a push to end […]
    Mindy Huddleston
  • Proposed Laws Would Bar Drunk Drivers From Buying Alcohol January 12, 2015
    Special Licenses Would Prohibit Liquor Purchases For the second time in two years, New Mexico State Representative Brian Egolf has proposed a bill to prohibit convicted drunk drivers from purchasing alcohol. The bill—which was defeated in the state’s senate in 2013—would require DUI offenders who are under orders to use an ignition interlock to carry […]

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