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  • Australian Study Suggests Many Adults Willing to Give Alcohol to Minors November 20, 2015
    A new study from Australia’s Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) suggests that an alarming number of people don’t think it is wrong to supply alcohol to other people’s kids. The study looked at people’s attitudes toward illegal alcohol-related acts, and found that when respondents were presented with a hypothetical situation, nearly one-third said […]
    Alison Betts
  • Infographic: Drinking and DUIs During the Holidays November 16, 2015
    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and there are lots of good things to look forward to during the holiday season. However, there’s one holiday tradition we could all do without: spikes in binge drinking, DUIs, and alcohol-involved crashes. Updated for 2015, this infographic highlights the troubling trend around holiday drinking and alcohol problems. Help #ChangetheTrend this […]
  • Idaho Court Helping Alcohol-Involved Vets Restart Their Lives November 11, 2015
    When Sgt. David Taptto entered Idaho’s Second Judicial District Veterans Treatment Court, he joined the growing ranks of U.S. Military Veterans who have returned from service with substance abuse or mental health issues, and subsequently found themselves embroiled in the criminal justice system for the first time in their lives. Combining Justice With Treatment The […]
    Alison Betts
  • Saturday Halloween Escalates Dangerous Drinking Trends October 28, 2015
    Witches, vampires, and zombies won’t be the only scary things out on the streets this weekend. Over the past decade, Halloween has increasingly become an adult- and alcohol-oriented holiday, and data shows that alcohol problems like binge drinking and drunk driving are highest when Halloween falls on a Saturday. What’s So Special About Saturday? Saturday […]
    Alison Betts
  • Colorado DOT Uses Humor to Highlight Dangers of Buzzed Driving October 19, 2015
    The stereotypical idea of a drunk driver tends to be someone who had downed numerous drinks before stumbling into their car. But Colorado’s Department of Transportation is using humor in two new ads to tell people that getting behind the wheel after any amount of alcohol can be dangerous. CDOT’s new commercials feature some situations […]
    Alison Betts
  • Getting Sober Isn’t Easy. Talking About Sobriety Can Be Just as Hard. October 15, 2015
    Sporting events. The after-work happy hour. A girls’ night out. In a culture where drinking is a common part of socializing, explaining why you don’t drink—or why you’ve stopped—can be tricky and uncomfortable, according to researchers from North Carolina State University and Texas State University. In a study published in the journal Health Communication, the […]
    Alison Betts
  • Infographic: The Scary Truth About Halloween and Drinking October 12, 2015
    Halloween is no longer just for Trick-or-Treaters. The last decade has seen a spike in the number of adults who are mixing booze with their boos, and as a result, DUIs and alcohol-involved incidents have become a substantial issue on All Hallows’ Eve. Updated for 2015, this infographic highlights the scary truth about Halloween and […]
  • New Bars Let You Breathe Your Drink September 15, 2015
    First there were alcohol enemas (ew). Then there was snorting booze (ow). Now, in the never-ending search for new ways to consume alcohol, you can add “cloud bars” to the list. These new bars—which have popped up in London and Australia—pump alcohol-infused mist into the air. Patrons in the Australian bar can spend up to […]
  • Is Alcohol Coming to a Fast-Food Joint Near You? September 8, 2015
    Fast food restaurants in many other parts of the world offer alcoholic beverages, but until lately booze hasn’t been on the menu in lower-end chains in the U.S. But Taco Bell may soon be changing that. Earlier this summer the chain made news by opening a Chicago location that serves wine, beer, and alcoholic slushies. […]
    Alison Betts
  • Back-to-School Season Most Dangerous Time for Binge Drinking August 24, 2015
    While the first few weeks of the school year can be some of the most exciting for college students, they are also some of the most deadly when it comes to alcohol and binge drinking. College and Drinking Culture Defined as 4 drinks for women and 5 for men in a two hour period, binge […]
    Alison Betts

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