Alcohol Monitoring/ House Arrest


SCRAMx Benefits

SCRAMx offers significant advantages to the courts and supervising agencies that use them, as well as to the users themselves. Some of the key benefits of SCRAMx include:

  • 24/7 Alcohol Detection
  • Greater Accountability
  • Court Acceptance and Validation
  • Flexible, Exception-based Reporting
  • Evidence-based Assessment, Detection, and Deterrence
  • Cost-effective, Automated Testing
  • Better Outcomes and Long-term Results
  • Effective Alternative to Incarceration

24/7 Alcohol Detection

  • Takes readings every half hour
  • Provides full data vs a snapshot view
  • Conclusively distinguishes between ingested and environmental alcohol

Greater Accountability

  • Holds users continuously accountable for their actions
  • Makes it very difficult for users to drink alcohol or tamper with the device without getting caught
  • Increases the court’s ability to ensure compliance with sentencing terms and treatment requirements

Court Acceptance and Validation

  • Single source admissibility – no additional tests required
  • Viewed by judges as accurate, reliable, and generally accepted
  • Admissible in evidentiary hearings and court cases nationwide
  • Fully backed by AMS, which stands behind SCRAM in court

Flexible, Exception-based Reporting

  • Customized testing, synchronization, and reporting schedules
  • Exception-based reporting streamlines case management priorities
  • Lets courts and probation focus attention on users who need it most
  • Flags and graphically depicts:
    • Drinking events
    • Tamper or removal attempts
    • Equipment malfunctions

Evidence-based Assessment, Detection, and Deterrence

  • Helps gauge user drinking patterns and evaluate addiction levels
  • Provides data to tailor individualized sanctions and treatment programs

Cost-effective, Automated Testing

  • Provides a low cost per test
  • Requires no labor after installation or appointments to administer tests
  • Shifts program costs away from the supervising entity, and redirects costs to the user in the form of a manageable user-pay/partial-pay model

Better Outcomes and Long-term Results

  • Results in a 45% reduction in recidivism when used on repeat DUI offenders
  • Supports better responses to treatment when combined with SCRAM
  • Lets users maintain family obligations, hold jobs, and contribute positively to the community

Effective Alternative to Incarceration

  • Remotely monitors users who are not a community threat when sober
  • Reduces jail/prison overcrowding while protecting public safety
  • Provides a bridge to help users safely re-enter the community
  • Saves a significant amount of money, as it is more economical than jail or prison

There are several components to the SCRAMx monitoring system for alcohol consumption and house arrest:

  • The SCRAMx bracelet
  • The SCRAMx base station
  • SCRAM Remote Breath Alcohol Tester

SCRAMx Bracelet

The patented SCRAMx ankle bracelet is attached to the user with a durable and tamper-proof strap. It is worn 24/7 by the user for the duration of his or her court-ordered abstinence period.

Every half hour, the bracelet captures transdermal alcohol readings by sampling the insensible perspiration collected from the air above the skin. The bracelet stores the data and, at pre-determined intervals, transmits it via a wireless radio-frequency (RF) signal to the base station.

  • 24/7 transdermal alcohol detection plus house arrest technology in tamper-proof bracelet
  • Performs 48+ alcohol tests/day and stores data
  • Provides full data vs. a snapshot view
  • Tamper- and water-resistant
  • Automatically collects, stores, and transfers all data via the SCRAMx base station on a predetermined schedule (at least 1x/day)
  • Date- and time-stamps readings for easy reporting and analysis

The SCRAMx Base Station

During installation, a SCRAMx base station is plugged into an analog telephone line – usually in the user’s home or place of work. At a pre-scheduled time(s) each day, the SCRAMx bracelet communicates with the base station, which transmits alcohol readings, tamper alerts, and diagnostic data to SCRAMNET for detailed analysis and reporting. The base station also features an LCD screen that provides operation messages to the user.

iCAM Technology

iCAM stands for intensive continuous alcohol monitoring and is used to monitor users 24/7 for drinking, and ensure confinement to their homes during mandated hours of the day.

It gives courts and supervising agencies a more intensive and flexible way to sanction users based on behavior, stage in the justice system, or other variables using the SCRAMx Adjustable Contingency Model™. Under this model, CAM and curfew monitoring components can be intensified – or “graduated upward” – to progressively sanction for noncompliance, or reduced – or “graduated downward” – to reward program success.


SCRAMNET is a Web based application that houses all the user data in a secure, central location, and provides a wide range of reports and graphs at your fingertips – from a snapshot of a single event to a comprehensive view of an offender’s behavior over time. It lets you customize and easily tailor the reporting to best suit your needs and individual cases.

  • Can be accessed around-the-clock – from any location – using a standard web browser
  • Provides exception-based reporting to reduce workload
  • Flags and graphically depicts any alcohol ingestion, tampers, or removal attempts
  • Lets you easily customize testing, synchronization, and reporting schedules for each user
  • Provides customized reports and graphs to best suit your information needs
  • Allows you to cost-effectively monitor and manage numerous offenders simultaneously