Jail Alternatives

The monitoring services provided by ESA are a viable alternative to jail time, and an effective way to alleviate overcrowding in prisons. Today’s monitoring technology is more reliable than ever, giving the judicial system superior ability to hold people accountable for their actions, while on parole or serving an in-home, or monitored sentence.

The latest Sobrietor system actually uses facial recognition technology to ensure the proper person is blowing into the alcohol detection unit.

Restraining orders just got a lot easier to enforce since the introduction of ExacuTrack One location monitoring system. It uses a combination of GPS and other location technologies to accurately track a person’s location at all times. Intrusion alarms can be sent, in real time, to the police and/or parole officer by PDA, pager, e-mail, or a combination of each.

We are the leading provider of monitoring solutions for the Kansas City area. Ask us about the full array of monitoring solutions and how they can help prison overcrowding and reduce your overall operational expenses.

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