House Arrest

homeguardESA is the exclusive provider of BI HomeGuard electronic monitoring systems for the Kansas City, and surrounding, areas.

BI HomeGuard is the leading electronic home monitoring system for house arrest and curfew compliance because of its reliable performance and ease of use. Set up is done in the user’s residence, and includes installing a receiver that is connected to the land phone line (not mobile), and power lines (not battery). The user wears a tamper-proof, secured bracelet which transmits radio signals to the receiver. The user must stay within a specified distance of the receiver, during scheduled times, or the system will report the noncompliance incident to the monitoring center. HomeGuard also monitors and reports system status regarding tamper detection, low battery levels, power and telephone failures and other equipment operation conditions.

People who are required to use a HomeGuard monitoring system need to reside in a home that has analog phone service (not cable or digital/mobile), and no answering machines, no call waiting, no call forwarding, no caller ID, and no 800/900 long distance blocks. See Hook Up Requirements for the full list of requirements and related costs.