About Us

Denise Masters - PresidentDenise Welch-Masters, founder of ESA, has helped thousands of people set their lives on a positive path towards a bright future through the use of monitoring solutions.

“We understand that using a monitoring system is an inconvenience, but we work hard to make everyone who comes through our door sees the process as simply a step – in many cases, a first step – in the right direction. We take special care to explain our solutions so people can walk out of our office, and back into their life with a clear understanding of how things work, and hope for a bright future.”

With offices around the metro area, ESA has been the leading provider of monitoring services for the Kansas City metro area since 1998.  The ESA team works closely with judges, attorneys, counselors, prison officials, police and parole officers to improve efficiencies and provide effective alternatives to incarceration. We have a broad array of solutions born from sophisticated technologies, and supported by years of experience, to ensure the best end results.